Sunday, August 10, 2014

Off the Needles: Sundottir

Pattern by Dianna Walla, Published in Wool People Vol. 6
KnitPicks Swish Worsted Weight Wool in Rainforest and Dove Heathers
Needle Sizes US 6 and US 8

I don't know if I am just riding an awesome lucky streak, or if all of my fave designers just have me in mind- but I have LOVED everything coming off of my needles these days. This sweater ranks right up there with all time favorites! 

I could not believe how fast this came together. You begin by knitting the sleeves (which was a first for me) and then move on to the body. Boy am I glad about that! I knit up a swatch, just like every good little knitter should, but once I finished my sleeves, I realized my gauge was totally off. Thankfully the sleeves fit like a dream (I prefer a slim sleeve), but I knew my too-tight-gauge would result in a figure hugging (aka painted on) sort of sweater, which wasn't exactly what I had in mind for this cozy, Norwegian-inspired style. 
A little clever stitch rearranging and all ended up swell. I just knit the body in the next size up, and then saved 3 stitches from each underarm and added them to the body instead. Voila-perfect! 

I am always nervous for how a pullover will fit. A cardigan you can just wear open. A size too big or too small doesn't really matter. But a pullover - well the wrong fit can be the difference between feeling fantastic or reaching for your fat pants. 

This little diddy fits just like it should. Not so tight that you can't eat that cookie (I really love cookies), but not so loose that you feel frumpy. I usually prefer a fingering weight yarn for sweaters, as I don't like a lot of extra bulk, but this worsted weight really is perfect. 

I opted for two-handed knitting for the colorwork in the yoke.  If you've never tried it, I highly recommend it. There is something so very satisfying about it. Not to mention, the result always looks clean and balanced to me. 

This sweater took just 10 days to knit up. Not too shabby. I'm ready for Autumn.

If you aren't already participating, I highly suggest joining the Summer Sweater Knitalong! So many people are participating and it is a great place to get inspiration, chat with another knitters, and get motivated to knit up some nice and cozies!

You can find the rest of my notes for this knit on my Ravelry page.