Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Bestie!!

What awkward phase?!
What is a better way to celebrate the friend you have known since the day you were born, then posting the "book" you planned to write about the both of you when you were in 4th or 5th grade?! Written on my dads typewriter, it is complete with plenty of typing errors and deep creases from where it has been "lovingly" folded and refolded and tucked into whatever bag or drawer seemed safe thru the years. How grateful I am that it never got lost!!

Baking challah bread together
So here's to you Meredith Lane Bauer Bertleson Feinberg Gizmunt Alchin Mowry - may you know how loved, appreciated and needed you are! Life would not be worth living without your sarcasm and sweet dance moves! I can't wait for our daughters to be BFF's too!

New Years Eve 2013
It begins with a letter to my bestie that might just make my husband jealous, but hey, such is the power of the BFF!!

Chapter One, which unfortunately remains to be the only chapter, at least involves boogers and a trip to the ER...