Saturday, January 18, 2014

Off the Needles: Christmas 2013

I don't typically do a lot of Christmas knitting. I'm pretty much a selfish knitter, who begins most projects with the intention that I am knitting them for myself. Of course, about a week after finishing them I manage to find someone that I feel is a better fit for the item (my mom is the lucky recipient of almost all of my knit sweaters.)

This year since I am not working I had a little more time and decided to knit for my sisters and my husband. Three of my sisters got Drop Stitch Cowls. If you have never knit one, I highly recommend the pattern! It is incredibly easy and fast and they look great on everyone! Abi Gregorio generously shares the pattern for free, only asking in return that you then don't sell them for a profit. I can finish one in about 2 hours and it only uses one skein of yarn!


For my other sister, who has already been gifted a few cowls, I made her Jane Richmond's Autumn hat. Again, this is a pattern I would highly recommend. It uses less than a skein of yarn, and can also be finished easily in an evening. I happen to feel it isn't complete without a pom, but that may just be me...

My big project was for my husband. As of yet I had never knit him more than socks and scarves. I decided it was high time he got a sweater. I also hadn't done any colorwork knitting in years, and he is a huge fan of what he likes to call the "Ron Weasley" sweater. I found a great pattern for a Norwegian Ski Sweater, that wasn't too overwhelming since the colorwork didn't come into play until the yoke. It took me way more time than I anticipated, so Christmas morning he got to open a present containing a sleeveless sweater. Luckily, once I could work on it in front of him, I got it finished shortly after the New Year. And I couldn't be happier with the outcome! The fit is perfect. I worked both sleeves at the same time and was worried the whole time that they would end up way too wide, and the shaping for them is a bit odd. But if you just trust in the pattern and do what it says, all seems to turn out well! Knitting with both hands for the colorwork (holding the dominant color in my right hand, and the secondary color in my left) turned out to be my favorite part! It gives you a great chance to practice a different style of knitting (I typically am an English style knitter) and is incredibly satisfying. I will say, next time I think I would knit the entire project in the round and then cut out the arm holes using the steek method, as knitting colorwork back and forth was a bit of a bummer. All my pattern notes can be found on my Ravelry page.