Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Joys of Pregnancy

12 weeks

As you may have heard-pregnancy can make you pretty emotional. Hormones raging, giant bellies impeding everything you try to do, loss of grace, balance, and self control. Sure, it's a beautiful, life changing, magical, birds chirping sort of life event-but that's not what this post is about. No, this post is about the darker side. The side maybe your mom and friends don't warn you about. (Or maybe they do, but those damn birds are chirping so loud you didn't even hear them.)
Anyways...this evening I felt what has become a regular occurence these days, the sting of tears in my eyes.  Even my gentle, patient, nurturing husband isn't safe from them.  A less than enthusiastic response, and there they are. Blurring my vision. Chapping my face. Filling my nose with even more snot. Feeling foolish about my inability to not be a weeping mess, I tried to make a dash for the bathroom where I could run a bath and cry to my hearts content and then return to some feeling of normalcy. But my husband, being the sweet man he is, followed me in to give me a hug and reassurance.
And that is when my body decided to really defy me. To remind me I really have lost all control over what it does and when it does it. As he looked down at me, deep into my eyes, wiping away my tears and telling me gently that it was okay and I shouldn't feel foolish....

I tooted. Honestly. Right there in front of him and the dog, without any sort of warning to the rest of my body, it just slipped on out. And with no attempt to be quiet either.

My husband laughed. I cried. And the dog left the room.

32 weeks

**Upon revisiting this beautiful moment with my husband, he declared "I think it just perfectly sums up your pregnancy!" And then I laughed so hard I cried.